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Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment

Construction equipment must run reliably despite harsh conditions. Extreme temperatures and contamination are daily challenges. That’s why construction operators need a partner that ables to maximize productivity and minimize equipment and maintenance costs. DeveLub offers a full range of premium quality lubricants.

OLA Energy products 0ffer:

  • Meets or exceeds demanding specifications of Major OEM.
  • Longer service intervals even under severe operating conditions.
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Exceptional low and high temperatures capabilities.

DeveLub Techincal Program – DELTA δ aims to support our customers to achieve Lubrication Excellence. DELTA δ program has FIVE main areas to evolution.

People Preparedness:

DeveLub lubricant’s Specialists train our customers in all technical aspects of lubricating parts for their fleet.

  • Lubrication Fundamentals.
  • Diesel Engine Lubrication.
  • Transmission Fluids.
  • Greases.
  • Handling & Storage Procedure.

Machine Preparedness:

DeveLub lubricant’s Specialists, in cooperation with the technicians of our clients, and using the oil analysis, make sure that there are no contaminations in the lubrication system [such as: water, dust, sand, etc.]

Based on the results of the examination, appropriate procedure are taken place [such as; improving filters type, repairing leaks in the cooling system, etc.]

Precision Lubricants:

DeveLub lubricant’s Specialists, recommend to our customers the proper lubricants depending on the OEM, the lubricants’ technical approvals, as well as the technical condition of their fleet.

Precision Lubrication:

DeveLub lubricant’s Specialists support our customers to apply the proper lubrication process:

  • Procedure: wither applying manual or automatic lubrication system, the right method should be applied in order to avoid any contaminations.
  • Amount: More is not better. Too much lubricant in a system can be as destructive as not enough.as evidenced by the over-greasing.
  • Frequency: Applying the proper Oil Analysis leads to reach the optimum Oil Drain Interval.

Oil Analysis:

Oil analysis is a routine activity for analyzing oil health, oil contamination and machine wear. The purpose of an oil analysis program is to verify that a lubricated machine is operating according to expectations. When an abnormal condition or parameter is identified through oil analysis, immediate actions can be taken to correct the root cause or to mitigate a developing failure.

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