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Who is DeveLub?

DeveLub is a pioneering company with more than 20 years experiences in:

Lubricants Distribution.

Fuel Transportation.

Service Station Operation.

DeveLub is an Authorized Distributor for OLA Energy.

DeveLub Members

DeveLub After Sales Service Program.

Main Applications

On-highway Vehicle

DeveLub customers need to keep their fleet running well and hence; they need a partner who able to offer a complete solution that keeps their efficiently.

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Construction Equipment

Construction equipment must run reliably despite harsh conditions.

Operators need a partner that ables to maximize productivity and minimize maintenance cost.

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Heat Transfer Fluids

Thermal fluid heating systems are control temp. by circulating fluid throughout the equipment. Fluid must be carefully chosen to accommodate the requirements.

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Industrial Gear Lubricants

Industrial Gear oils are lubricants designed to protect gears, bearings, and seals in all types of enclosed gear drive with circulation or splash lubrication systems.

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High Temp. Corrosion Bench Test

Determining the tendency of diesel engine lubricants to corrode the alloys of lead and copper commonly used in cam followers and bearings.

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Foam Bench Test

Evaluating the foaming characteristics of diesel engine oils. The tendency of oils to foam can lead  to mechanical failure.

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